VMworld 2014 US Recommended Sessions

The dust settled a few weeks ago and the VMworld Schedule Builder has since been fully armed and operational. Sessions were rapidly filling up and I had to get in the queue for a large number of sessions. The VMworld crew must be working tirelessly behind the scenes in response to the Schedule Builder activity because all of my requested sessions have now been fulfilled. The buzz on Twitter suggests that session locations have been juggled and adjusted to move the more popular sessions into larger venues.

I’ve listed my VMworld 2014 recommended sessions below. There’s a mix of topics that will likely be of interest to a broader audience, some sessions based on the excellent presenters, and a few that touch on subjects that I’m working on or anticipating to work on.

In addition to the VMworld sessions, make sure you make room in your schedule to visit the Solutions Exchange and chat with the cavalcade of vendors. Also keep an eye out for extra-curricular offerings, from technical sessions outside of the main conference to parties and community gatherings. A good place to start is the VMworld Community Gatherings list, plus as always keep an eye on Twitter.

Without further adieu, here is the list.

My VMworld 2014 Recommended Sessions

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If you’d like a second opinion on VMworld 2014 US sessions, Duncan Epping has his list ready for this year. Be sure to check it out.

Dee Abson

Dee Abson is a technical architect from Alberta, Canada. He's been working in the field of technology for over 20 years and specializes in server and virtualization infrastructure. Working with VMware products since ESX 2, he holds several VMware certifications. He is a 9x VMware vExpert. You can find him on Twitter and Mastodon.

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    Thanks for the shout out for #VAPP1742. Hope to see you there!

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