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VMworld 2016 9

VMworld 2016 Preview: vExpert Offers

Less than a week to go until VMworld 2016 US and the vExpert offers are just starting to trickle in. Here are the offers that have come in so far. Stay tuned, as you’ll find new offers in this post as they roll in....

Airwatch Express Parody Logo 6

First Look at AirWatch Express

Today VMware is introducing and making available AirWatch Express. AirWatch Express is an easier, friendlier, more affordable version of the full AirWatch product. As a vExpert, I was invited to an advanced webinar preview of the service. This included the standard here’s-our-new-service presentation, followed by a demo and Q&A....

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So Long vSphere Thick Client, Hello Web Client

VMware’s finally making good on their long tolled death knell for the vSphere Client, a.k.a. the C# client, a.k.a. the thick client, a.k.a. the you’ll-pry-it-from-my-cold-dead-fingers client. In a pre-release blogger briefing earlier this week Mike Adams, Director of vSphere Product Marketing at VMware,...

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Planning for Failure with DRS Groups

You’ve spent many hours on your virtualization infrastructure design. There are multiple network paths, at least two of each physical device, and, heck, even multiple upstream Internet providers. The multi-tiered application has multiple VM nodes at each tier for distributing load and boosting...

VMworld 2015 2

VMworld 2015 Live Blog: Day 5

After a near-success trying to live-blog Tuesday’s VMworld General Session, I think I’ve worked out the kinks. So without further adieu, let’s live blog the VMworld 2015 Thursday (closing) General Session. General Session

VMworld 2015 1

VMworld 2015 Roundup: Day 4

Wednesday is typically a very breakout session heavy day for VMworld. There are no General Sessions and it’s the last day for things like the Hand-On Labs and Solutions Exchange. Because the conference party happens on this night, there also aren’t a lot...

VMworld 2015 3

VMworld 2015 Roundup: Day 3

Day 3 at VMworld started with a little blog experiment, proceeded on to some sessions then a few meet ‘n greet events highlighted by the vExpert reception. General Session So, as mentioned, I tried live blogging. While real-time live blogging didn’t pan out,...

VMworld 2015 4

VMworld 2015 Live Blog: Day 3

I’m trying something a little different today, Tuesday, at VMworld. Stick with me as I take a crack at live blogging this morning’s keynote. It’s set to start in just a few minutes, so here we go… Quick update: I had hoped to have...

VMworld 2015 4

VMworld 2015 Roundup: Day 2

As always, Monday at VMworld 2015 is the first General Session and the proper start to the week. How’d it go? Let’s find out. PernixPro Breakfast PernixData held a breakfast for PernixPro’s and PernixPrime’s at the ThirstyBear (disclosure: I’m a PernixPro). It was...

VMworld 2015 2

VMworld 2015 Roundup: Day 1

Away we go! Unlike last year, there wasn’t really anything blog worthy on “Day 0” (Saturday). There was a VCDX Bootcamp scheduled for Saturday morning, however I arrived in SFO in the afternoon and had attended last years any. So Saturday was a...