I found the process of building this blog to be quite the journey. One that is still ongoing. Tracking down snippets of information here and there about what technologies and resources to use takes time and effort. To help others along in their quest to build or refine their blogs, I’ll list here the tech and resources used by T.B.D. If you find this valuable, let me know. On with the credits.


Of course this blog wouldn’t be possible without the amazing WordPress platform. The amount of community support and available plugins is unrivaled, as far as I’m concerned.

A Small Orange

I’d tried other hosting providers before with mixed results. A Small Orange just works, and at an unbelievably reasonable price. I was pointed their way by Chris Wahl‘s Wahl Network blog.

Note that the link on this page is an affiliate link and any revenue generated from this link goes towards T.B.D. hosting costs.


The WordPress theme in use on this site Hueman by AlxMedia. It’s one of the better themes for WordPress, and free* to boot! Make sure you get it from the link here and not the WordPress site as this version is full featured.

*This theme isn’t technically free. The author does ask that in exchange for downloading the theme that you give someone a hug. That’s right, a hug. A very small price to pay, indeed.

Font Awesome

Most of the icons on this site come from Font Awesome. This font has hundreds of icons which take the place of traditional graphic files. Hueman comes with Font Awesome support baked in, plus we’ve used it in a few other places here and there. Think of this as a green movement for websites. Saves on clutter and keeps your blog zippy.

To Be Continued

This is just the start. I’ll be adding more references here, both for things I’m using and anything new that comes along. Stay tuned!

Featured image photo by marfis75

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