VMworld 2014 Roundup: Day 2

#VAPP1742 – Rapid Provisioning with Vagrant, vSphere and Puppet

My first “session” session of the week, this one demonstrated how Vagrant was being used to deploy VMs in vSphere and then call Puppet to configure them. This was accomplished via a Vagrant plugin that the presented developed. The “real-time” pre-recorded demos did impress, with the audience treated to a console view of the entire process start to finish in a matter of minutes. Audience questions prompted answers that suggest that the demo is specific to the environment it came from, though there’s high hope that now that the plugin is “out in the open” on git that the community can help expand and improve it.

It was even speculated that with recent annoucements including Vagrant Windows support, that this may be able to be extended to support Windows deployment. Should this be accomplished I think it was be very interesting times ahead for those who don’t want to or can’t justify dropping in System Center to manage the Windows gear (basically all small and “boutique” businesses).

#STO2996SPO – The vExpert Storage Game Show

Hands down the most fun all day. Team VMware vs. Team Pure Storage head to head in a storage showdown to the bitter end! There were wild accusations, questionable meat flavoured candies, x-ray specs and sound effects. They’re running this again in Barcelona. That alone is reason enough to attend!

#BC02410 – BC/DR – Implementing a Holistic Strategy with VMware Solutions – Part 1 Business Overview

A lengthy session title to be sure. I was looking for this session to take the business side of business continuity and disaster recovery and then show how fit-for-purpose various VMware solutions are. Unfortunately it came off more like “marketecture” with the focus squarely on the products. The side effect being, of course, that when looked at product-first, any justifications presented look like “solutioneering”, meaning a solution in search of a problem. Personally it didn’t help that I was already familiar with most of the VMware products described. Part 2’s supposed to look into the solutions in technical detail, and judging by the presenters I’m expecting a more satisfying experience there.

#SDC1176 – Ask the Expert vBloggers

This was runner-up as most fun/enjoyable session of the day. It certainly ended up being the most informative. The panel, made up of Duncan Epping, William Lam, Scott Lowe and Chad Sakac, shepherded by Rick Scherer fielded questions from the audience in 60-second (roughly, sometimes very roughly) responses. The panel was very honest, forthcoming and knowledgeable. Most of the questions were EVO related, what with it being introduced that morning, however there was a decent mix overall. For example one of the questions was, essentially, how do balance things (i.e. stop working) in order to enjoy life and not burn out. Great response from Duncan Epping there (buy your significant other lots of presents). The only complaint I could have with this session is that it was far too short. It is re-running later in the week so you can still add it to your schedule.

Nutanix – Want to Be Startin’ Something

Nutanix’s VMworld bash was this evening in a club near the Old Mint. There was food, drink, entertainment in the form of a Michael Jackson tribute band, and best of all good company. All the ingredients for a good party (substitute the band for X). Had a few good conversations, did some “community” and then turned in.

Goodbye Monday

In and around all of the sessions and events I’ve continued to meet people, some new, some met before, some in person for the first time. A quick call out to Noel and Eric at CloudCred, and Dan and Ravi, fellow CloudCred players. It was a pleasure meeting you all today!

A good start to the rest of the week. The conference is now pregnant with additional promise from today. I’m hoping for more interesting, as in technically deeper, insight from tomorrow’s general session. Find out with me tomorrow.

Dee Abson

Dee Abson is a technical architect from Alberta, Canada. He's been working in the field of technology for over 20 years and specializes in server and virtualization infrastructure. Working with VMware products since ESX 2, he holds several VMware certifications. He was awarded VMware vExpert for 2014-2020. You can find him on Twitter.

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